Since 2009, Pacific Autism Family Network has partnered with and trained over 3500 first responders from multiple first responder communities which include BC police, firefighters, paramedics and call takers/dispatchers as well as leading community organizations such as LifeLabs, BC Place and Public InterLink Libraries.  Our partnerships have focused on providing awareness of the challenges faced by individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their parents and caregivers. The awareness helps to educate key members of our communities and inform them of de-escalation techniques that will help to make interactions more understanding and beneficial to all concerned. 

In order to ensure that the materials of PAFN are relevant to those receiving the information and training, they have been created and prepared by the respective recipients expressly for them.

In the case of first responders: police training is by police for police; fire training is by firefighters for firefighters; paramedic training is by paramedics for paramedics; and call taker/dispatcher training is by call takers/dispatchers for call takers/dispatchers. 




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